What are boosts and how can they help me?

Boosts help give an advantage during levels. They can be won in reward chests or during events, or can be purchased with coins.

In Game Boosts

Boosts can be used during a level to change or remove items on the board!

Target One


Damages or remove a single item from the board!

Column Clear


Damages or removes and entire column from the board!

Row Removal


Damages or removes and entire row from the board!

Free Swap


Swaps two moveable items that otherwise wouldn’t move!

Color Collect 


Removes all Gems of the targeted color from the board!


Pre-Game Boosts

Pre-Game Boosts can be used before going into a level to gain an early advantage!

Extra Moves


Adds five moves to the level before it begins!

Thinking Time


Adds twenty seconds to the levels time before it begins!

Beaming Start 


Adds three Beam Gems to the level before it begins!

Combo Clear 


Adds a Pulse Beam and Beam Gem combo-match to the level before it begins!

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