Explain The Different Board Items To Me



  • Gems come in 7 colors; Red, Orange, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple and Pink.
  • Swap adjacent gems to match 3 or more of the same colour to clear them.

Dark Tiles


  • Gems that are matched on top of Dark Tiles will remove them from the board.
  • Dark Tiles may come with multiple layers, requiring more matches to remove them.

Black Gems


  • Black Gems cannot be matched
  • Make matches with Colored Gems next to Black Gems to collect or clear them.



  • Drop a Symbol to the exits at the bottom of the board to collect it.

Pyramid Blockers


  • Match Gems next to Pyramid Blockers to clear them.
  • These blockers can’t be moved, and may have up to 5 layers to remove.

Hidden Cameos


  • Cameos are hidden under glass tiles.
  • Match over the tiles to clear them and reveal the Cameo beneath.
  • Cameos come in different sizes so be sure to look everywhere!

Lockboxes and Seals

Lockbox.png LockboxSeal.png

  • Match next to the Lock Box to turn the dial and reveal the Seal inside.
  • You must reveal all the matching Seals to collect them and remove the Lock Boxes.
  • Lock Boxes can be empty and are removed immediately.

Glass Cages

GlassCage1.png GlassCage2.png

  • Make a match with the Gem inside the Glass Cage to shatter it.
  • Gems in Glass Cages cannot be moved until they are freed.
  • Glass Cages can require up to 2 matches to shatter.

Lock and Key


  • Drop or swap the Key next to any side of the Lock to clear both.
  • Keys can be swapped onto tiles next to Locks without matching gems.

Time Gems


  • Make a match with a Time Gem to add 5 seconds play in a Timed Level.



  • Match Gems next to Fog to clear it.
  • If you do not make a match next to Fog, it will spread over and destroy more gems.
  • If Fog takes over too much of the level, the board is lost!



  • After each turn, all Deadlocks will count down by 1.
  • If a Deadlock reaches 0, the board is lost!
  • Match Deadlocks with Gems of the same color to remove them.

Teleport Tubes


  • Gems can fall into one Tube and out of another, elsewhere on the board.
  • There can be multiple Tubes but each one has a single entrance and exit.

Prism Blocker


  • Make matches next to Prism blockers to clear them.
  • Prisms absorb and block beams from special gems!
  • These blockers can’t be moved.

Pit Tile


  • Pit Tiles move gems in and out of reach after every turn.
  • Matches can't be made with gems that are out of reach on Pit Tiles.
  • Special gems pass over Gems that are out of reach on Pit Tiles.



  • Vines growing through the board must be removed with Beam Gems and Pulse Gem explosions.
  • Normal matches next to Vines will not remove them!

Marked Gems


  • Match Marked Gems with a gem of the same color to collect it!

Gold Ore and Gold Tiles


  • Matching 3 or more Gold Ore will leave behind precious Gold Tiles!
  • Make matches over Gold Tiles to collect them!

Tile Walls


  • Tile Walls prevent gem swapping and cascades between tiles.
  • You can still make gem matches across Tile Walls.

Black Knights


  • After every move, the Black Knight jumps in an L-shape on the board and destroys whatever gem it stomps on!
  • Knights can be removed with Beams and Pulse Gems.
  • More Knights can drop onto some boards - watch out!

The Eye


  • Matching gems next to the Eye, charges it up. The more gems matched beside the Eye, the more charge it will gain.
  • When the Eye is fully charged with 15 gems it will explode and help you clear the board!

Movable Prisms


  • Make matches next to Movable Prisms to clear them.
  • Prisms absorb and block beams from special gems!

Fog Bombs


  • When a Fog Bomb drops down it will crack.
  • If the Fog Bomb falls 3 times it will explode and release Fog in neighbouring tiles!
  • Match Gems with the Fog Bomb to remove it.

Gem Markers


  • Make 3 matches next to a Gem Marker to open it and change 3 random Gems on the board into Marked Gems!
  • You can reuse the same Gem Marker again and again.



  • Match Gems with the Scarab to collect them.
  • After every move, the Scarabs will climb one up one tile, pushing Gems back beneath it.
  • If Scarabs reach the top of the board, they will escape and can't be collected!



  • Make Gem matches next to the Cannonball to launch it across the board! It will blast towards the side that the match was made on.
  • Cannonballs cannot move over gaps, walls or other indestructable objects.
  • Cannonballs will destroy Gems and Obstacles in their way - use them carefully!

Fog Vents


  • The Vents can release Fog onto the board.
  • Vents will glow when they are about to spread Fog.
  • Vents can sometimes be hidden under other objects!

Gem Transmuter


  • Make 3 matches next to a Gem Transmuter to open it and change 3 random Gems on the board to it's color!
  • The Gem Transmuter can be used again and again.

Piston Plate

PistonPlateUp.png PistonPlateDown.png

  • Piston Plates are obstacles like Pyramid Blockers. Matching next to them makes them retract into the board.
  • After 3 turns they will spring back, destroying anything that rests on them!

Shield Prism


  • Prisms absorb and block beams from special gems.
  • The Shield Prism cannot be removed with Matches or Special Gems.
  • It can be only destroyed by powerful objects like The Eye and Cannonball!

Transmuter Tiles


  • Transmuter Tiles change the colour of gems that land on them once per turn.

Rough Diamonds


  • These colorless Gems cannot be matched.
  • Hit them with Beams or Pulses or change their colour to collect.

Automatic Conveyor Belts


  • Conveyor Belts move all objects on them once per turn.
  • Conveyor Belts can exit off one part of the board and emerge on another!

Manual Conveyor Belts


  • Collect the Cog Gems to move the Manual Conveyor Belts.
  • Conveyor Belts move all objects on them once per turn.
  • Conveyor Belts can exit off one part of the board and emerge on another!

Colour Cutter


  • Slide the correct coloured gems into any side of the Color Cutter.
  • Once filled it will be removed from the board and a Pulse Gem left in its place.

White Knight


  • After every move, the White Knight jumps in an L-shape and destroys whatever gem it stomps on, leaving behind a Gold Tile.
  • Knights can be removed with Beams and Pulse Gems.
  • White Knights and Black Knights can destroy one another!

Mystery Box


  • Match next to the the Mystery Box to remove a layer.
  • Remove all the layers to reveal what's inside!

Glass Walls


  • Like regular Walls, Glass Walls prevent gem swapping and cascades between tiles and you can make gem matches across them.
  • Matching next to a Glass Wall will damage and break it!

Marker Tiles


  • Marker Tiles change regular gems that land on them into marked gems once per turn.



  • Match next to Lanterns or use Special Gems to turn Lanterns on and off.
  • When all Lanterns are turned on, they are removed from the board.

Beaming Black Gem


  • Make matches next to the Beaming Black Gem to remove the outer layer.
  • The final match fires a horizontal and vertical beam.
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